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Different Types of Ads & Promotions

  • Music Promotion

If you are an upcoming coming artist of any genre, we will help you promote your song with thousands of readers in Nigeria and other countries in Africa, US, Uk and other foreign countries.

  • Video Promotion

We will help you promote your video(s) on Instagram, YouTube and other video hosting micro-blog or channels. We’ll get you thousands of views and engagements. Kindly shoot us a message to get started.

  • Text Ads

This text can simply be published either at the header, sidebar, footer or in the middle of blog posts related to the ads you want to promote.

  • Paid Link

Backlinking is very important when it comes to SEO. Especially from authority website like this, we sells backlink in two ways which is ‘do-follow’ and ‘no-follow’. Kindly contact us for price.

  • Sponsored Post

You can choose to let our wide readers know about your service, product or brand. We will help you get seen and heard through our social media channels and signals from our readers.

  • Review

Do you have a new start-up, product or any innovative thing that you will like us to review for you? We’re ready to help you out.

  • Bloggers’ outreach

We will help you reach out reputable bloggers who will also help in promoting your product, music, service or for backlinking service.

  • Content writing & marketing

Our highly skilled writers can help you write SEO friendly blog post that’ll rank on search engines. Apart from writing, we will help you promote any content to its related audience.

  • Email marketing

You can also contact us for email marketing campaign to get you seen, heart and paid.

  • Interview

This can be inform of video, podcast or written interview. This will let your personal experience, inspiration and business get heard.

  • Banner Ads

We accepts different types of Ads placement such as:

  1. Header or footer banner – size 728×90
  2. Sidebar or footer banner – size 300×250
  • Middle of posts banner – size 320×100 or 160×600

How much is for each Ads placement or promotion?

For rate, kindly send us a message here: hello(at) / click here Or Sales(at) / click here

Thanks for advertising on With us in advance!!!