11 Best Rappers in Africa (of all Time)

best rappers in Africa of all time

Best rappers in Africa are literally countless because everybody is trying to be one. But some are famous while some are still growing up but, there are some other rappers that has/had or have been working really hard to get their name has been scribbled on the gold of honor.

Unlike every other thing else that started out there, hip-hop music in Africa didn’t get here too late, you know.

By the ’90s, rap was already a thing in Africa. And, 20 years later, what we have isn’t just rappers tryna mimic some foreign guys, no.

We got our own style, our stuff, our Awards, our music, our culture, and a whole new experience. And that’s why we’re going to show you these real guys bringing glory to Africa Music Industry when it comes to RAP! 

Who are the best rappers in Africa?

They are way too many, for just one list, we all know that. But we also all know some guys that are just indisputable, when it comes to rap music here. They’ve showed us their skills, they’ve got the recognition, and yeah, if anything, they deserve to be on this list! 

Let’s get down to it.

The 11 best Rappers in Africa of all time

1.      Modenine 

Modenine - Best Rappers in Africa

English-born Yoruba rapper (he doesn’t rap in Yoruba, sorry pals), is the best hip-hop artist Africa’s ever had, indisputably. If winning the Headies’ “Lyricist On The Roll” seven times doesn’t mean you’re the best, I don’t know what does. 

Lyrically, he’s tight, and he’s got real bars. His hit “Elbow Room” is one of the best hip-hop singles, too. And no one can forget the greatest diss track, “Death Blow.” He kinda like murdered Rugged Man? 

2.      M.I Abaga

M.I Abaga - Best Rappers in Africa

Give it up for the chairman! Came into the scene, in ’08, and changed the whole game around. His classic album, “Talk About It” is still a classic, today. And we’re still talking about it! 

The short black boy, brought a whole new flavour to rap music, on the continent. He even experimented auto-tune on “Safe.” He came with his Loopy group, and together with his brother, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince, they dominated hip-hop for years. 

Four studio albums, and three mixtapes after, he stands as one of the hottest of all time, and at the moment! 

3.      Sarkodie 

Sarkodie - Best Rappers in Africa

Ghana’s finest rapper, Sarkodie has made a name for himself, over the years, with his content and consistency. He’s still killing it. 

He released his debut, “Makye” in ’09, slightly earlier than many of other hot Ghanaian guys, released theirs. In 2012, he was nominated for the “Best International Act” category at the BET Awards. He won. Two years after, he got nominated for the same award. 

He released “Rapperholic” in 2012, and has followed with “Sarkology” and “Mary.” He’s also well-known for his collaborative efforts with Nigerian artists. Needless to say, he’s very dope!! 

4.      Rugged Man

Rugged Man - Best Rappers in Africa

He’s one of the old guys that will still keep being recognized, even many years to come. Why? He was the one who breathed new life into the Nigerian rap scene, back when whack rappers were selling, and the dope ones can’t speak. Cause of PR, and hype. 

Rugged Man, was fed up of the system, and released the track, “Ehen”, that addressed it all. He was bold enough to name names. Thank God for him, we might actually have to include Eedris Abdulkareem or Olu Maintain in this list. What! 

5.      Vector Tha Viper 

Vector tha Viper - Best Rappers in Africa

Vector is lyrically dope, and he’s got some good stuffs under his belt. Three hot albums, “State Of Surprise” (2010), “The Second Coming” (2012), and “Lafiaji” (2016). Numerous singles, and yeah, his wordplay is unmatchable! 

People like him cause he’s intelligent and more matured, his bars are never dumb. And, he’s versatile, he can be any type of Vector he wants to be, at anytime he wants to be it. So, in Africa, we know him as another version of Mode9, who is still making music.

In 2015, he also went home with the “Lyricist On The Roll” Award. 2015 also, he had “King Kong” which is one of the best rap collabos, we’ll ever get. Vector deserves any recognition he gets! 

6.      Dagrin

Dagrin - Best Rappers in Africa

R.I.P Dagrin. 

What the young nigga achieved at the age of 24, when he passed away, many stars won’t achieve, at 50. He had albums that sold out and had positive critical reviews, and has become the face of hip-hop, posing threats to fresh rappers, like M.I, SauceKid, Modenine et al. 

He even did songs criticizing the government (no one else would), and until his sad passing in 2010, he was the hottest rapper, out here! 

7.      AKA

AKA - Best Rappers in Africa

Three bang albums, 42 singles, 21 videos, numerous Awards, there’s no reason AKA isn’t a contender for Best African Rapper, of all time.

Although, in recent times, he’s gone poppish, especially with his last album, “Touch My Blood” which had EDM and pop influences, and little of rap. There is still no doubt that his legacy is written in stone. 

By the way, he’s very very handsome! 

8.      Nasty C 

nasty c - best rappers in africa


Nasty C whose real name is Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, is a young and famous South African rapper, songwriter and record producer.

He is also known as the “coolest kid in Africa” and no one can argue that. He currently have like 5 different albums made with some hit singles.

He had been featured on Coke Studio with Runtown which pave way for their hit single titled “SAID”.

StarBoy, Wizkid tagged him as the best rapper in Africa and Burna Boy couldn’t resist the temptation but to call Nasty C his official best rapper.

Nasty C is the future of Africa rap music!

9.      Cassper Nyovest 

Cassper Nyovest - Best Rappers in Africa

Cassper has fans, too many. How he managed to become the favorite of everyone in South Africa, within a short time, is still a mystery. 

Every now and then, he’s either going platinum, or filled out a big stadium. His talent and hardwork, has made him one of the best guys doing this rap thing, in Africa. 

He’s a real hip-hop artist, and he’s never swayed away once. He raps, in English or his dialect (whatever it’s called) and he’s the best Mzansi rapper. He also has a wide international appeal. He has a song with Jason Derulo! 

10.  Khaligraph Jones 

Khaligraph Jones - Best Rappers in Africa

Very young, with a strong energy. This prodigy rapper is the best thing out of Kenya, and has been endorsed by too dawgs all over the continent. 

He’s dope, and has got a very good flow. In short, his artistic skills are top notch, and we can’t ignore that!

11. Olamide

Olamide - Best Rappers in Africa

Hip hop heads, hate to admit it that Olamide is still one of the greatest we’ve had (or heard), but it’s true. He might have gone rogue, these days, abandoning the art form for afro-pop, and whatever is selling on the street. But, yeah, he is a rapper. One of the bests, at that. 

He brought the commercial appeal to the indigenous rap in Nigeria, and is now an international star. He may not be getting all the awards, but we know it, Olamide is King! 

This is all we have in the list of 10 best rappers in Africa of all time.

Do you know any other rapper in Africa that you think should be on this list? Kindly tell us who is the rap man and why he should be included here.

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