Is There Really Big Money in Music Industry? – The Biggest Myth in Africa

Big Money in Music Industry

If you’re an upcoming artist in Africa, you may be asking if there’s really big money in Music iIndustry?

Well, you’re not really alone especially if you’re one of those guys that think you can really hit it big like Wizkid or Davido.

When a big myth is going to be busted (couldn’t find a better word for it), it starts with a “what if.” What if this isn’t this? What if that isn’t that? What if..

What if there’s no “big money in Music Industry”, like the music videos portray, like Instagram and Snapchat tells us, daily. What if many of these artists are broke? What if they don’t have money? What if they can’t afford the cars they ride? The what-if’s are endless.

But then, come to think of it. Is there really money in this music industry? Unless of course they have a way of converting the data we spend on downloading free music, into money, they can’t make a dime from 90% of the music we consume (yeah, consume, literally.)

Just the other day, popular Warri hip-hop artist, known for his extravagant lifestyle, Yung6ix, posted a pic on Instagram, and honestly the pic can motivate you to hustle hard. So cool, you might wanna say. Sauce dripping, is another description.

I was loving it until I read the caption, “Best caption wins 5k!”

Like, laugh my ass off, did Yung 6ix just said he was going to give out N5k? I mean, with the big boy he does on Social Media? Is the economy that bad, I wondered?

A user (cause with the savage level he was definitely not a fan) who commented asked, “5k what, 5k dollars”? I mean, it was the least you’d expect from a rich guy like 6ix. But what if he doesn’t have as much money as we picture him to have? Yeah, we can’t take any blame, their over the top photo-shoots are to be blamed for that!

The reality is, even if he has that big big money we think he has, he didn’t make it from just dropping fresh-boy rap on some Afro beat. No, he didn’t. Someone once said, the freshest artists are the ones doing Yahoo (meanwhile, if you don’t know what that is, you’re on your own.)

The music industry especially in Africa is broke as church’s mice, no one will tell you that, you have to figure it out on your own, especially if you wanna get ‘in the business’, as an artist. “Forget Instagram, all that one are packaging, on a low, boy you won’t know,” Eclipse Nkasi is probably the one that has said it on a track. How many times they think of quitting music and getting a day job?

What do you think? Oh, it’s cause the stress is too much? Or life of a star, is very stressful, cause of Twitter subs and savages? Bullshit! Tell them I said it’s Bullshit! It’s cause there is no money here, no money out here. Emeka and Gilbert selling spare parts and tyres on the streets are making more money than Blaqbonez and A-Q. For packaging sake, we’re given lies on TV and, when things will hit climax, Social Media took over.

Upcoming artist, Mr A, has 20 followers who download his music anytime he puts it on datafilehost. So, he must not disappoint them. So, he hustles, and gets N20k. They tell him, “you have to invest in your career till you blow.”

So, he takes the money, selects his best clothes (he’ll never forget the Christmas canvas), and goes to the photo studio.

The shots are sparkling, dazzling, he was even smiling in one of the pics. Oh, yeah, he took a fake necklace from his G, and rocks it, with that Aba made Gucci belt. Then, he posts it on Instagram, syncs it with his Facebook and Twitter, saying “new track coming soon!”

You look at him, and think he should be doing giveaways every week. But really, the nigga’s very broke, very broke. But he can’t tell you that. We’re fed lies! Packaging!

It’s not the fault of anybody that there’s no enough money, in circulation, in this dead industry. Intact, sometime it isn’t their fault that these artists have to act like they have money. But it’s our fault that we think they’re rich. It’s our fault that we think we deserve giveaways!

For the umpteenth time, I’d say, there’s nothing like big money here. Days of Wizkid selling millions of records are over. Mind you, Wizkid still sells, unlike your broke nigga flaunting cash in Insta, like he’s got that dough. Many top artists have been rocked by the reality of the broke-ness of the industry.

Some of them blow up, and then start working with upcoming producers. They lie like they’re tryna support, or make them blow. No, no, no, they’re trying to cut the cost, sir. They go for cultural arts in their videos, instead of the Lamborghini type of videos. What do you think? Oh, they appreciate our art. Congratulations, you just got bobo-ed.

The contests some run on Social Media sef, it’s tomorrow they will pay the winner his N250k (I’m trying very hard not to mention any name, bro.) Oh, and the ones who make innocent upcoming artists waste data to upload freestyle videos?

It’s not their fault, they’ll do better if they’re not broke. Or, if they have the big money you picture anytime you hear their names. For now, they have to feed their families with the small money they’re making from shows.

Meanwhile, it’s not only artists. Mr B, started C Music, thinking music is like magic, sign two artists. He pay N40k (two months salary) to put music on NaijaLoaded or any popular music blog in Nigeria. Six months, one year, eighteen months, no returns yet. But on the official page, the boss still dey wear gold chain. Won’t you ask how come? If I were you, I wouldn’t ask.

At the end of the day, your favorite artist has been hot has been hot for at least four summers, but is willing to give the fan with the best caption only 5k. Why? Hottest motherf*cker outta here is broke! Why? They’re not Yahoo boys, music no dey pay.

There’s no big money in music industry!

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