9 Ways to Promote your Music in Nigeria – and Become a Superstar!

Promote your music in Nigeria

Here is the most comprehensive guide to Effective Music Promotion in Nigeria

Are you thinking of any effective ways to promote your music in Nigeria? or you want to know the average cost of music promotion in Nigeria or maybe, you are looking for the best music promotion sites in Nigeria. Well, you’ll learn everything right here but it’s advisable you read everything here without missing a single word.

You know what? getting your music out there isn’t quite as easy as singing is – if that is easy. You could write a good music, or sing a good song, get your productions and every other thing right, but the biggest challenge of all is publicity.

I’ve heard some good Nigerian music personally which has not (till now) been a hit, or the most downloaded. This leave the artist with less money in his or her account, because the music didn’t receive as much publicity as it should have received.

If you’re an upcoming artist in Nigeria, or even in the business of music production, I’ll be showing how you can promote your music in Nigeria.

Music promotion in Nigeria could be difficult to start for our hardworking upcoming artists, but thanks to the internet, we now have many available channels to take your music career to another level. The well-established artist you see today didn’t just get there by fluke, they earned it and that’s why they’re at the top.

But here is sad truth about these upcoming artists in Nigeria;

These talented artists are not ready to sacrifice for their own success! They just think everything should either be FREE or it will be so cheap like 1,000 to 5,000 naira. The truth is that, if you have this kind of mindset, you won’t go far at all.

You need to be able to sacrifice and spend to get your song heard and to get yourself known to music consumers in Nigeria.

When it comes to advertising and marketing in general, one thing to have in mind is quality! Yeah everyone is doing hip-hop, pop, gospel, and even afro-beat – but what’s going to set you aside from others is the quality or value you’d be delivering to your fans. You can’t just go to the studio and sing trash and expect it to be a hit, one good song could make you good money for the rest of your life – Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a good example.

It might be difficult to start promoting your music in Nigeria, but have it in mind that a good song will make the job much easier for you as you’d have to put in less effort.

Knowing that quality and being unique is the first successful approach to effective music promotion in Nigeria, here are other ways to promote your songs in the country;

How to Promote Your Music in Nigeria – the most effective guide

1.     Make a good hit song

As said earlier, making a hit song is the first thing you should think before anything else, including how to promote your music in Nigeria or building a stardom.

The term “good music” is quite relative. What I consider to be a good hit might be different from yours, and this is a great challenge. One good way of doing this is by defining your preferred genre. With this you could check out those doing great in your current field at the moment, how are they’re doing – the vocals, the beats and sound quality.

This doesn’t mean you have to copy their style of music – check out the top music artists in Nigeria presently and you’d see that they’re doing something different and unique, and the mediocre ones – are trying to emulate the best, but that won’t take you anywhere. With this taken care of, you should be ready to take your music to the next level.

A good example is REMA.

Rema is a fast-rising artist in Nigeria because he stormed the industry with quality and good music. Within 6 months, the world is dancing to his hit song, “Dumebi” and other songs (check his two full EPs >> HERE and HERE).

After making a hit song, the next thing is to start promoting!

What are some of the best ways to promote your music in Nigeria? Well it isn’t that easy but with the avenues below, you’re good to go.

2.     Promote Your Songs Using Social Media

Social media is one good platform for publicity and enlightenment. Before now, you should have at least gotten some good number of followers on your social handles.

People about 1.5 billion (on average) worldwide generally spend more time on social platforms daily. With this in mind, you’re more likely to get more fans informed about your new song, album or EP.

If you want to become a superstar, promoting your music in Nigeria on social media will really help you.

Here is a pro tip;

Posting a short video of your freestyles or “hit song” on Instagram and facebook will help you a lot. Many upcoming artists in Nigeria met their fortune on social media (Instagram to be certain).

You can as well share your music download links on facebook but you need to be careful because you might be blocked for spamming. Even if you’re not blocked, sharing your links alone won’t let you go far until you go for paid promotion

One big secret about social media is that; consistency pays a lot – you’ve got to engage your fans regularly with some good contents, you could use this to indirectly sell yourself out.

Note: If you’ll like us to handle your music promotion on Social and help you reach hundred thousand of people in Nigeria or any place in the world, Hire us! Contact us HERE or Call/WhatsApp: 080 6886 6068

After choosing social media as one source of your music promotion in Nigeria, you also need to check on;

3.     Using Media Houses

The media houses – especially radio and TV stations are one good way to get your song heard by many. Even with the proliferation of people using the internet, there are still some group who don’t have access to the internet to know about your music.

One of the most common forms of information currently is the radio, and there are lots of radio stations in the country – over 100 stations among the 36 states. One good thing today is that some radio stations are set up for playing hit music like NaijaFM, and personally I think you should utilize this option.

TV stations are not left out, we’ve got lot of cable TV stations which you could reach out to, but you’d only be needing this when you’ve shot your video. The challenge here is that the TV option is quite expensive than that of radio. The radio option is more feasible especially if you’re an upcoming artist – you could visit any of your local stations to get your songs aired.

Another way of promoting your songs using these media houses in Nigeria, is to secure an interview with a very good OAP. If you’re granted a session of interview, your songs will be played as well. And you know what, you’re killing two birds with a stone – getting people to listen to your songs and getting them to know about you!

4.     Use Music Streaming Platforms

Another great means of promoting your music in Nigeria is via media streaming platforms. These platforms don’t only market your product, but they also pay you as fans stream your songs or videos.

They are quite free to join with little to no subscription fees to be paid. You could visit their site or app to get started.

I know you will want to ask about…

Best Music Streaming Platforms in Nigeria

Some of the best music streaming sites in Nigeria includes;

  • iTunes
  • Google Music
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • BoomPlay

And others. But these 5 listed above are the best!

5.     Song Promotion Using Music Download sites / blogs in Nigeria

There a lots of music websites in Nigeria that are ready to help you promote your songs and reach wide range of people.

With lots of music fans visiting these sites for their music needs, it’s important you make yourself known by making yourself available – letting music fans know about you. You could do this by reaching out to the admins, letting them know what you’ve got to offer.

It might be difficult to get accepted at first, but once you’ve acquired the fame – the doors of opportunity will be freely open to you.

Here are top music promotion websites in Nigeria

  • TooXclusive
  • Naijaloaded
  • 360nobs
  • 9jaflaver.com
  • JustNaija.com
  • 36ng
  • NotJustOk
  • Jaguda.com
  • And of course, this site Afrocadio.com

….. and may more. These sites bring to users the best of entertainment gist, celebrity gossips, and other music related materials.

Note: To upload your song here cost just N5,000 only. If you will like us to handle everything than just uploading your songs here, we have 4 affordable packages for music promotion in Nigeria…. Talk to us for more details and let help you TODAY! Contact us HERE or Call/WhatsApp: 080 6886 6068

You might want to ask that, what’s the….

Cost of Music Promotion in Nigeria

The cost of promoting your songs with music blogs in Nigeria starts from as little as N5,000 to N60,000 and this price entirely depends on the music promotion site you approached.

For instance, Naijaloaded.com charge N50,000 to upload a song in their website. They do nothing than that. Although, they have millions of people visiting their site and as well, they have other strategies (but price may increase).

Promotion and any marketing in general often come with a price, same goes with music promotion in Nigeria. But before heading on you need to know where to start. You could promote your music online and offline, both platforms will charge you for this. The big question is; where should you start, online or offline?

The best place will be online as it’s much easier and less hectic, also it’s less expensive and has wider reach. Almost everybody today has access to the internet, it’ll much easier to find and download your music. There are quite a number of music blogs which you could visit, (Check below).

The next should be radio and then TV. It isn’t advisable to promote your song on these platforms at first, listeners and viewers may want to get the song to listen more often, probably make it their ringtone. So, it’s wise to make your songs available online before heading the offline route.

If you’re heading offline, you may also want to know….

The cost of music promotion using Radio & TV Stations in Nigeria

Radio and TV is little expensive than the online medium, for any of them you should be willing to spend around N25,000 to N100,000, the price certainly will vary across states.

For cable TV stations like HipTv, Soundcity etc, the price could be much higher around N250,000.

After approaching a music site’s admin for promotion, you may also need to…

6.      Create your own music website and brand

You can as well hire a good website designer to design a music website or blog for you. Almost all music superstars you know have a website to showcase their songs, awards, sell tickets, lifestyles and what they are doing to impact the society.

This is a great knack to promote your songs in Nigeria but most upcoming artists don’t know how this is useful enough. Some of them will love to have their own music site but doing to stinginess, they refuse to pay the price for it.

You can upload your song to your website and promote it, help other upcoming artists to promote their songs and collect your money and even, even other ways of making money online with your music website.

What chases upcoming artists like you from having their own website or blog, is the price.

We can help you design your music website. But note that we have 5 different packages for website creation, and the cheapest package cost N30,000 while the second cheapest cost N50,000 etc.

If you are ready for this, click here to contact us or Call/WhatsApp: 080 6886 6068.

7.      Choose an Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Not everyone is going to do a good job in promoting your music in Nigeria the way you want, you’ve got to choose from the best – even though it’ll cost you more, it’ll be worth it.

There are many digital marketing agencies in Nigeria such as GbolaByte Web Solutions, that can help you market your music to the right audience in Nigeria. But you need to be careful to avoid choosing the wrong guys. So, here are some factors to consider before choosing one;

1. Reputation – A good advertising agency will have lots of testimonials, great and inspiring feedbacks from their users. So before settling for one, check out their reputability so as not to lose money while chasing money.

2. Coverage – For their websites, this should be the number of visitors, even though it’s hard to know this yourself. Where coverage comes in is the media houses, how big is the coverage of the radio or TV station, some TV and radio station covers the whole nation, some cover a particular region/geo-political zone, while the rest take care of a state.

3. Operating Philosophy

This one also applies to offline cases where you are to choose a radio or TV station. As a music artist, I’ll advise you go for stations which dwell more on entertainment, in this case your song will have more airplay. Not doing this will limit the amount of airplay you’d be getting. For radio stations, one good example is The Beat FM (in most cities in Nigeria), for TV, SoundCity and MTVBase are good examples – so, choose wisely.

8.     Open-air Performance

Another way to promote your music in Nigeria is by doing offline giggling to attract and build your fan base from the grassroot (in your local area).

You need to let people in your street support you first.

When Olamide started his career, you’ll hear him shouting “Bariga, Bariga”. That’s where he started the hustle till he become the nation’s street ambassador. Some thing applied to Wizkid and others.

To do an effective open-air play, you can host a FREE local show during your town’s annual carnival and let them know that they have a real talent around them.

You can also secure slot to perform for free at any events.

Perform for free at club house, hotels and restaurant…

Remember, I said “FREE”. Yes, the goal is to get your song on all ears, build a fan base and become famous.

After you’re getting there gradually, it will be easier for you to start making money but don’t be blinded by money first, Be Passionate!

9.     Collaborate with other artists

You can’t do it all alone, you need to collaborate with those who are already getting famous in the industry to aids the processes of promoting your music in Nigeria..

Let me use an example to explain this;

You know Zinoleesky, Lil Frosh and other members of their gangs? What helped them is the collaboration they’re doing within their gang. Same thing applied to Picazo_Rhap and Yomi Blaze, these sings together and drop freestyles together on Instagram.

You can as well look for a person or more guys who got some vibes (or bars) and drop a delicious song together or even go to the extent of dropping couple freestyles.

This is a proven approach to any successful music promotion in Nigeria and It’ll be pretty great if you can do the same thing.

And if you get some bucks, you can collaborate with big artists who are ready to help upcoming artists in Nigeria like Olamide and Davido…

All you need is drop good song that no ear will resist, tag them on Twitter and Instagram till they notice you.

I know it is not easy but that’s what Picazo, Yomi Blaze, Lil frosh and even Rema did before they got signed to a big record label in the country.

Rounding off – How to Promote your music in Nigeria

These 9 different ways listed above are the best ways you can promote your music in Nigeria and eventually become a superstar within and outside the country.

Note: If you’ll like us to handle your music promotion on Social and help you reach hundred thousand of people in Nigeria or any place in the world, or upload your music here for as low as N5,000, Hire us! Contact us HERE or Call/WhatsApp: 080 6886 6068

In conclusion, you got to know that even if you’ve got good vocal prowess, if you do not send the word out there, you’d probably be known maybe only in your local community, and you do not want that.

Starting up a successful music career is one of the most difficult career paths to take, the market is highly saturated, very competitive and stressful – but with consistency and originality, you could be up there competing with the best.

And you an only go far with you career until you’re ready to spend for the sake of promoting yourself as a brand and your music as a good sound that people need to add to their playlists.

Over to you….

What do you think about these tips listed here? Kindly comment below and we’ll happy to receive your feedback.

And don’t forget to hire us for your effective music promotion in Nigeria.

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