Top 10 Music Collaborations in Nigeria (of the Past Decade Till Date)

Top 10 Music Collaborations in Nigeria

You love Olamide, I love Wizkid. But both of them came together, make one of the best hip pop music collaborations in Nigeria. So, I now have a reason to love who you love, and you, who I love.

That’s how music collaboration works in Africa and any place in the world.

Although, most of the times, it just seems like playing with freestyles or lyrics in studio with an artist very close to you and boom, a jam is conceived. I mean, it just stems from the artists being friends with each other and then just going into the booth and vibing.

But these days, music collaborations don’t work like that especially in Nigeria because it’s a big business that needed investment and profits’ expectation because that’s why 98% of Nigerian artists are into music.

That’s the reason you see so many artists pay some bucks to other artists in order to jump on their jams and make a strong collaboration together.

But is there really big money in Africa’s music industry especially when you make a hit with a superstar?

Well, I don’t have much to say about that since it’s your passion and of course, there are few artists who are already making it.

And somehow, music collabos are magical.

You listen to some song and you just know, it wouldn’t be that good without the guest verse on it (and stuff like that).

And whether it’s a “singer-singer”, or “rapper-rapper”, or “singer-rapper” collaborations, with few clicks, what had started as a friend vibing with friend, can turn out to be the hit of the century.

Okay, that’s that.

We bring to you ten of the most memorable collabos, of the past decade. We can’t get over any of them, they’re iconic and the sounds are still echoing in our memories till date

Let go!

Top 10 Music Collaborations in Nigeria

1.      Olamide – Omo To Shan (Ft. Wizkid)

Olamide came in, just like the president of the year, with “Eni Duro,” almost ten years ago, very close to the time Dagrin left the rap music in Nigeria and entire world catastrophically.

Olamide was the next king and immediately a door opened for him at Coded Tunes under the leadership of ID Cabasa, then, he started working on his debut album, “Rapsody.”

One of the tracks that made the final cut was “Omo To Shan“.

Partly because it’s a vibe, and partly because it’s got the rave of the moment, I mean, the StarBoy, Wizkid.

Although after the release of hit collabo, we folks believed Wizkid got the song because the duo were entirely new to world of fame in Nigeria.

And we never expected Olamide to serve food like that (all we expected from him then was something like “Eni Duro”, something full of raps).

But last last, we came to our sense that Olamide and ID Cabasa did a good job by calling Wizkid into the then collabo.

They did well. At least, everyone alive then could sing it word-for-word!

2.      Don Jazzy x Tiwa Savage – Eminado

This is probably Don Jazzy’s biggest ‘solo’ musical effort, till date. Solo, in the sense that, it’s only he and Tiwa, and not the whole crew.

“Eminado” by Aunty Tiwa and Uncle Don Jazzy was a mega hit!

And it’s one of the hits that blew due to the influence of both artists on it. That is, if Don Jazzy wasn’t on it, it wouldn’t be so huge. And if Tiwa wasn’t on it too, same thing.

So the collaboration was a good choice!

3.      Davido – Fans Mi (Ft. Meek Mill)

Davido had the money to buy anything he wants. Including international music collaborations, at a time he didn’t even know so many international artists, personally.

He got Maybach Music rapper, Meek Mill, to rap on his hip-hop shot, “Fans Mi.”

Apart from StarBoy ‘Wizkid’, no one else in Nigeria comes close to this kind of mouth-watering collaboration.

We’re not saying because it’s a collabo with international rapper, that make this song one of the best ever music collaboration in Nigeria but, the sauce in the song is too delicious.

How did Davido matched his sound with that of Meek Mill?

Even the beat, lyrics and visual display is not what a child in music industry can do.

4.      Psquare – Collabo (Ft. Don Jazzy)

Psquare don’t need collaborations, to make hits.

They’re twins collaborating together until asunder finally succeed between them.

Then, when Nigeria still had real Psquare, they are known to be two kings in a brand, they can supplement each other, and fill each other’s deficiencies when it comes to music.

They are even doing great solo. But it’s nothing compared to being together on a track with hit maker, Don Jazzy.

That year, we weren’t expecting it, but they did hook up.

They did the track, that quickly became popular, and video that was on all channels, at the time. “Collabo” was a hit, and till now, if a DJ hits play on it, he’s ready to start the party!

5.      Wizkid – Come Closer (Ft. Drake)

Nobody comes close to this at all. Well, Davido tried to (at least he did one with Meek Mill) but Drake hierarchically very top to Mill’s level.

Drake was the biggest thing in the world’s music industry then, and that was the peak of his career. Everybody is talking about him including Forbes not to talk of international magazines and news publishing companies.

Same as Wizkid, he was kinging in Africa, too. Different awards, recognitions and collabos with international artists but the one he did with Drake was and still resonating in our ears.

They had previously worked together on “One Dance” and “Ojuelegba Remix,” so they just finished it off with “Come Closer.”

An international hit, a hit everywhere. When they build a museum for the industry, they should hang the artwork of “Come Closer” there.

So sad Drake couldn’t make it to the video shoot! But the sound and collaboration is still hot.

6.      Mavins – Dorobucci

It’s already enough to have Don Jazzy on a track.

Then add Tiwa, Dr Sid and D’Prince, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello and Di’ja.

With these 7 artists, we got Dorobucci.

Screw that, Dorobucci by Mavins was a mega super collaboration by a musical group in Nigeria and Africa entirely.

This is one of the most important joint efforts that has happened to the industry.

Given that it also helped launch the career of three new superstars and that was Reekado Banks, Di’ja and the youngest in supreme mavins dynasty (SMD), Korede Bello.

Mehn, it’s a great one.

Everything during that time was attached to a prefix ‘Doro’ and it was a kind of fun during that time.

Although, different speculations arose on what ‘Dorobucci’ really mean, is it a god or something affiliated to a pagan practice but brought into the public? We just don’t care!

Ain’t no track ever gonna be like DoroBucci.

7.      Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love

Why is this very important?

I’ll tell you. Duncan is a legend, but we had no idea he was going to be a thing in 2018, again. Wizkid is a legend, and we had no idea he was going to link up with Duncan, of all people.

Wizkid had enough hits to just stay in his lane as Africa’s Starboy.

But then, Fake Love happened. And boom… Duncan is popular again. Wizkid has a new hit, everyone in Nigeria wanted to feature Duncan Mighty just because of this collaboration.

It may not have been Wizkid that brought him back to limelight, like people say. But it is, the joint effort. If Duncan Mighty had done a song with another person, things may not have gone how it went.

So again, when music collaboration is done right with the right artist(s), nothing is going to cover your popularity and different recognitions.

8.      Phyno x Olamide – Fada Fada

Wow! Think of, 2015. How would that year have been without this banger?

Olamide and Phyno, sure do make magic, when they work together. That explained why they have a whole album together.

“Fada Fada” became the new street anthem, and I didn’t faint the day I heard it in the church.

It rocked our playlists, and the joy of singing “fada fada eh…”

Different comedian jumped onto it. Especially Olamide’s lyrics in the song while Phyno was somehow questioned (that story for another day).

But the 2 kings really did that right and it can never escape our memories.

9.      Vector – King Kong (Remix) Ft. Phyno, Reminisce, Classiq, Uzi

There’s no stopping for Vector.

He goes way far to prove he’s great. And of course, he is.

He has previously dished out the big hit, “King Kong.” He could have stopped there! But, hell No!

He took another leap, and went for the remix, loading it with the doorstep from all sides of the country.

Y’all know that Phyno and Reminsce are Rap kings (of the east and west respectively) but Vector from the west (but not really an indigenous rapper) called those kings and other two artists to make a hit remix.

King Kong’s Remix is not just a hit by superstar artists but, the song also marked the end of Vector’s longtime beef with Reminisce.

He couldn’t have killed it better without these guys… Although, Olamide would have spitted something spicy also.

10.  Oritse Femi – Mercies Of The Lord (Ft. Dagrin)

When Ajegunle pop star, Oritse Femi, unleashed this track, in 2010, it was like that’s the best thing that will ever happen to the music industry in Nigeria.

The hook, was lit, and Dagrin (of blessed memory) got to deliver one of his best guest verses, ever.

“Mercies Of The Lord” was everyone’s ringtone, then, too. It’s hard to forget that Collabo!

The MSNS heavyweight is still one of the promising artists in Nigeria with unique style of singing.

He did well on ‘Double Wahala’ and that could have been listed in the top music collaborations in Nigeria if he had done one with a superstar.

But all the ways, Mercies of the Lord is still alive!


That’s all we have in the top 10 list of best music collaboration ins Nigeria (of past decade till now). These are the songs loved by Nigerians and of which had been recognized within and outside the country.

What other collaborations in Nigeria or in Africa can’t you forget?

Kindly let us know by wording to us and other readers through the comment box below.

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