Why EFCC Arrests Naira Marley – Check The ugly Stories Behind

EFCC Arrests Naira Marley

Finally, Naira Marley got arrested by Nigeria’s EFCC and the singer is set to face the charges against him in the court and be prosecuted to serves as scape goat to other Nigerians who are into “Yahoo Yahoo” or Cyber Frauds.

Recently, the Economic Financial Crime Commission arrested the upcoming singer, Naira Marley after taking note of his lyrics, social media contents and ways of life. EFCC is an official body of the Federal Govt. of Nigeria responsible for controlling financial activities in Nigeria (with the core aim of fighting against embezzlement, money laundering and internet fraudsters).

Who is Naira Marley?

The real name of Naira Marley is Azeez Adeshina Fashola.

Naira Marley is one of the promising artists in Nigeria who just break into fame after collaborating with the YBNL boss, Olamide and Lil Kesh in a music titled “Issa Goal”. The song was aired in almost Nigerian’s big club, restaurants, radio stations, streets and anywhere a DJ is playing with his decks.

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Not that only, Naira Marley is a close friend of Zlatan Ibile, the “Zanku Master” and the duo increased their popularity after collaborating together on different songs. Also the two are always seen together at events, music videos, house and other places.

The Story Behind Naira Marley’s Arrest

Before the artist was arrested, he released a song titled ‘Am I A Yahoo Boy’ featuring his friend, Zlatan and they killed it.

Although to rate the song, we can only talk about the beat and few words in the lyrics which was trending on social media.

But according to honest reviews and critics from people who listened to the song, it’s totally out of the way to receive any further recognition than to trend for a while and die down.

Well, the song, ‘Am I A Yahoo Boy’ led Naira Marley, Zlatan and other 3 members of his crew to EFCC’s custody.

In the Music, he said nobody including SARS (a military force higher in rank than mere Police) can’t arrest them (the internet fraudsters).

He demonstrated exact thing in the music video, watch below (continue reading article after video):

Adekunle Gold’s Wife, Simi Warned Naira Marley and Others

After seeing so many things happening in this country, Simi can’t keep mute to the issue of cybercrimes or Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria again.

The newly wed artist took to her Instagram page to call on Artists gracing ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ as a legit business in Nigeria. She said internet fraud is one of the major things soiling Nigerian’s good names in foreign countries.

Simi pleaded that they should STOP and do something better for themselves and other people’s sake. She explained how Nigerians seeking employing, deal or any favour in foreign countries were denied simply because “they are Nigerians”!

Although, Simi didn’t mentioned a name but it’s obvious that she is directing the Instagram video to Naira Marley, Zlatan and other guys in the act of gracing Yahoo Yahoo activities.

If Naira Marley had been a cool guy, he could have heed to the short advice from Simi but the niqqa just take it back to Simi’s face.

Naira Marley responded Simi with an Instagram video where he lashes Simi telling her to mind her business and marriage.

Well, we thought everything is going to end there as we didn’t hear anything about Adekunle Gold or Olamide interfering into the matter.

But, other Nigeria’s celebrities indirectly insulted Simi and Tunde Ednut, who supported her.

Well, that’s short story about Naira Marley & Simi.

Things started to get worsen for Naira Marley when he starts to insult big celebrities and his seniors in the Music industry especially “Rugged Man”.

Naira Marley Could Have Been Pardoned by EFCC

Yes, the Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC could have just overlooked everything about Naira Marley’s activities because everybody believes he’s a musician rising to fame in Nigeria.

And of course, his lifestyle, activities and stuffs he use or wear will depict his career, thinking that he makes money from music. But the Naira Marley went overboard.

But wait, is there really huge money in music industry? That’s what most people think but some young hip-pop artists these days aren’t after money as they’re into something else, all they are seeking is fame.

When Simi, Rugged Man, ShowKey and other celebrities are warning him to STOP, he should have put a STOP!

Proof that Naira Marley Could Have Been Pardoned by EFCC

Do you remember when Lil Kesh and Olamide teamed up to release ‘Logo Benz’?


That song spiked some curiosities on social media platforms because in the lyrics, Olamide said that “If he doesn’t make money, he’ll do ritual’. That statement is enough to get him arrested.

Lil Kesh also said something similar that the boys (Yahoo Yahoo boys) are busy looking for ‘Pants’ to buy ‘Benz’ and live a good life. He wasn’t arrested also.


It’s simply because they were not dragging anything with anybody. The released the song and let everything slide instead of them to start insulting those people correcting them that they shouldn’t have released the song to the general public.

Not that only….

Olamide took to his social media page to explain the real motive behind the song. He said they are just trying to talk about what desperate guys in Nigeria are doing to make money.

And that’s right because stealing of female pants for money ritual was very common at the release of that song.

But Naira Marley didn’t care about what can or will happen. He just kept on lashing anybody as he like trying to tell us that Yahoo Yahoo (cyber fraud) is a something worth being proud of.

And EFCC can’t take it no more than to nab the young guy for investigation if he’s really a fraudster or not.

EFCC Arrested Naira Marley, Zlatan, Rahmah and Two Others

As an active body regulating financial activities in Nigeria, EFCC traced the guys and arrested them in order to hear directly from them if what they are saying in their songs and social media pages are all right.

Naira Marley and his guys arrested spent 5 days in EFCC’s custody and you know, it’s a 5 days full of investigations.

Luckily after 5 days, Zlatan and 3 other member of his crew were released on “Administrative Bail” leaving Naira Marley in the custody.

According to EFCC, the guys who were released aren’t totally free but can be called in anytime for investigations when needed.

They added that evidence against Naira Marley are too strong and couldn’t get him released on “Administrative Bail” just like his friends.

But you may be asking….

Who Helped Zlatan Out of EFCC’s Custody?

EFCC didn’t mentioned a name about the person who helped in releasing Zlatan and other 3 guys on Administrative Bail.

But according to a video shared on Instagram which features Zlatan himself, the close friend who was speaking in the video said that people shouldn’t believe anybody who’s making mouths on social media but couldn’t help Naira Marley, Zlatan and other guys in EFCC’s custody by hiring a lawyer to bail them.

The close ally who recorded the video further thanked Olamide and Burna Boy who helped them both on social media and in real life.

So in nutshell, we understand that Olamide and Burna Boy are among those who are helping Naira Marley, Zlatan and other crew members to get out of the EFCC’s custody.

Although, it’s said that Davido interfered but the guy who recorded the video with Zlatan didn’t mentioned Davido’s name.

It’s unfortunate for Naira Marley that efforts made by these loyal celebrity brothers couldn’t get him released.

Finally, EFCC Sets to Charge Naira Marley to Court!

After all the ordeals with EFCC, Naira Marley is set to face judgement in the court with 11-Count charged against him.

The case is filed with number FHC/L/178c/19 at the Federal High Court, Nigeria.

Most of the charges against him are related to card theft plus cybercrime.

According to a report, Naira Marley will have to serve 7 years in prison or pay a sum of N5,000,000 with all his properties acquired under these rogue activities seized.

The EFCC reported that he had signed the document containing all the charges against him.

But people are asking…..

Who Implicated Naira Marley and Got Him Arrested by EFCC?

Some people are saying Rugged Man, the Nigeria’s rap icon that Naira Marley busted is the one behind his arrest.

But we’re not sure if that’s true or not. But media personality, ShowKey shared an Instagram update which says that Rugged Man is not behind Naira Marley’s arrest. He further pleaded that EFCC should pardon Naira Marley because he’s still a young guy who’s just getting into the street.

But basically, Naira Marley’s mouth implicated him and got him in EFCC’s net.

Mixed Reactions After Hearing that Naira Marley is Going to Face the High Court

Most concerned Naija celebrities are not happy that Naira Marley’s case will go this far. Celebrities like Olamide, Davido and other people in the industry are praying for his safe return.

But on the other side, some media personalities are happy saying that ‘that’s what he deserves’.

Simi or Tunde Ednut hasn’t say anything so far, either to show their happiness or feel for him.

Naira Marley EFCC’s Arrest, A Lesson to Others

To say the truth, after Naira Marley was arrested, social media had been enjoying cool breeze.

There is nobody who’s gracing Yahoo Yahoo again (for now) especially those self-acclaimed upcoming artists who shoots freestyles saying some words that shows they’re proud of internet fraud.

What’s Your Thought or Wish for Naira Marley?

What do you think will or should happen to Naira Marley? Do you think he will win the lawsuit against him and come back hard to the music industry?

Well, we at #Afrocadio wish him the very best of luck.

Let share opinions about Naira Marley and EFCC’s issue in the comment box below and please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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