Crowd Burn Down Sotitobire Miracle Church, Akure for Alleged (Child) Ritual Killing

Angry Youths Burn Down Sotitobire Church in Akure

Sotitobire Prayer University (AKA Sotitobire Miracle Centre) set ablaze by angry youths in Akure after they confirmed ritual activities of its founder, Prophet Sotitobire.

Sotitobire Miracle Center is one of the churches you’ll ever want to go for quick miracles in Nigeria, located at Osinle, Akure, Ondo State to be precised because of the founder acclaimed hands of signs, wonders and miracles.

But few weeks ago, a lady publicly call the prophet on social media about her missing male child, “Kolawole Gold”.

According to the video which trend on social media, the lady was seen crying bitterly (of course) as she explained what really transpired before and after her son was noticed to have been kidnapped in the church auditorium.

It seems people have been suspecting the bad handwork dubbed miracles of the said Prophet.

According to a report, some church members who was angry invaded the church, dig the alter and exhumed 3 corpse which were kids and it included the said boy who just got missing in the church auditorium at Sotitobire Prayer university.

Although, #Afrocadio hasn’t receive any video, photo or proof that corpse were really exhumed from the alter but the pictures of the burnt church surfaces online.

Here are few pictures we got:

Angry Youths Burn Down Sotitobire Church in Akure Angry Youths Burn Down Sotitobire Church in Akure Angry Youths Burn Down Sotitobire Church in Akure Angry Youths Burn Down Sotitobire Church in Akure

There are debates that the Sotitobire Prayer University in Akure and her prophet was set up, stating that the prophet is innocent of such cruel act of ritual killing. Some are also saying the prophet is a certified ritualist and thanks to God that he’s revealed before things totally fall apart.

We’re sure that law enforcement agencies are going to look into this and shed more light to it after their thorough investigations.

Either way, do you think it was the right choice as church members burn down Sotitobire Prayer University, Akure where they’ve been attending believing it’s God that’s performing the miracles OR do you think it was a silly action because those corpse exhumed might have been planted to implicate the Prophet?

Another question for you:

Why do people always believe in churches that performs quick miracle, when the scripture says that “in the last days, there will be fake prophets who will be performing signs and wonders in the name of Jesus Christ”

We need to create awareness against ritual killing. You can also help by sending any information you may want to share with us about Sotitobire Prayer University.

Kindly send all information and attraction to hello@afrocadio and we’ll be glad to work on it.

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